Valery I. Kostikov was born 1937.07.11.
 V. Kostikov had graduated Moscow Institute of Steel in 1959. Special subject - powder metallurgy.
 He had finished his postgraduate study in 1964.
 Historucally V. Kostikov was general manager of Scientific-Research Institute of Graphite. Thenadays this institute took part in state-important works concerned with aerospace technic and technologies.
 Now Valery Kostikov is professor of Powder Metallurgy and Functional Coatings Department of Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys. He is Dphil, corresponding member of Russian Academy of Science, academician of Russian Academy of Natural Science, Russian and International Academy of Engineer Science.
 Valery Kostikov is prize-winner of State Prizes of USSR and Russian Federation.
 Field of research: powder metallurgy processes, physico-chemistry of composite materials, physical properties of liquid refractory metals, surface properties of of liquid and solid refractory metals and compounds, head-shielding coatings.
 Valery Kostikov is author of more then 700 scientific works, 25 treatises and 200 inventions.